Sergii Khrushchov is a visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. His work traverses the realms of fine art, conceptual, and documentary photography, and serves as a visual dialogue, a testament to the profound connection between the human experience and the ineffable beauty that surrounds us. He is inspired by the complexities of existence, his works are a synthesis of introspection and external influences. From the interplay of light and shadow to the nuanced dance of colors, each piece is an ode to the subtleties that define our perceptions. Through the medium, he endeavors to capture moments of ephemeral beauty and evoke a sense of wonder in the observer.

2021 Chekachkov Photo Academy (tutor Mark Neville);
2020 School of Conceptual and Art Photography MYPH (tutors Sergey Melnitchenko, Roman Pyatkovka) ;

2019-2020 Kyiv Photography School (tutor Dimitri Bogachuk) ;

2017 35AWARDS 2017, shortlist;
2012 Photographer of the year 2012, shortlist;
2023 Crossing the Line, Norfolk Art Center, Norfolk, NE
2023 MYPH Baroque (online). MYPH Group Exhibition
2022 Rotlicht Festival 2022 (Vienna, Austria). MYPH Group Exhibition
2022 Crossing the Line, University of Nebraska at Kearney (Kearney, NE, USA). MYPH Group Exhibition - Project "Hometown Alien"
2022 Crossing the Line, Wakler Art Gallery (Kearney, NE, USA). MYPH Group Exhibition - Project "Hometown Alien"
2021 Apertura Estate Fotografia Festival 2021, Fototeca Siracusana (Siracusa, Italy). MYPH Group Exhibition - project "Lightflow"
2020 MYPH Graduates Online Show (Online) - project "Lightflow"

"Many authors, in this Call, assign an important role to light in their visions of the future: Khrushchov does it unconsciously, perhaps too tied to a technology still too present in the concept of Photography.
Although his images are a prelude to something intangible, probably they too, like those of other authors, have the power to recall the reality of a time not yet arrived." Fototeca Siracusana